AGM offers its clients certain reassurances through Accreditations. Participation in these Accreditation schemes reassures the client that the contractor is not breaking the terms of contracts and that certain standards have been achieved by the contractor. They do not however excuse the client from reading the terms and conditions of any given contract. The Accreditation schemes may offer access to third party mediation or arbitration however the law of the land prevails and onto this site the contract.

The path to procurement may require some quick decisions and Accreditations can provide an answer to those e.g.

Can my company do business with this company?

Are they a safe contractor?

Are they a responsible contractor?

Is this a responsible employer?

It is no surprise then that procurement departments will seek out certain accreditations which is where it gets complicated. Contractors acquire more and more accreditations as accreditations become available to appease different procurement channels.

The good news however as these stack up on the contractors fleet, documents and web estate it is at least reassuring.

The case can be clearly made that the actual bounds of the agreement and nature of the relationship between the contractor and client are described in the contract.