eMaintain Ltd, the maintenance arm of AGM Group, is undergoing a makeover in the next few months which will position www.emaintain.co.uk as the leading online job management system for eMaintain clients.

eMaintain Ltd was launched in 2010 and offers clients the opportunity to use an online system for adding jobs, viewing past jobs and keeping track of all current projects.

Andrew Meek, Managing Director of AGMGroup, said:

“When we first launched www.emaintain.co.uk, we knew it would provide an excellent vehicle for clients to monitor big and small projects.  The feedback we have received from clients has been really good as it has freed up their time from having to phone and find out the status of each job.

“In the past few months, we have held a number of brainstorming sessions with clients to find out how else we can improve the system.  This upgrade will enable far more functionality with the ability to upload images, upload plans/documents, upload quotes and invoices, engineer completion reports etc.