AGM engaged the talent of a Bright Light in Sign writing Ciaran who’s business Glöbel Brothers caught the eye of AGM back in 2015 in a Newspaper article Click Here

Ciaran’s ability and pricing won him this work with AGM and has made one small shop owner very happy putting the finishing touches onto Finishing Touches. Liz’s shop now stands proud with the original stone work re discovered, new signage, gates by local blacksmiths Armstrongs and shutters that are both in-keeping and contemporary.

These works were instructed on behalf Renfrewshire Council by Architect Barham Glen who specialise in working with housing associations, local authorities and community organisations. The project was part of wider improvements to a popular shopping street in Paisley which narrowly missed out in it’s UK City of Culture 2021 bid. Using these more traditional style fixtures not only improved the shopfront it also improved the appearance of the street moving away from the more armoured appearance at night of the roller shutters.

There is currently a resurgence of Craft or a handmade aesthetic and AGM are increasingly in demand to provide a rustic steampunk charm or slice of agricultural realism. It is perhaps not the flourishing Arts and Crafts previously witnessed under William Morris and contemporaries. However, when asked to expose our services distress our finishes or provide traditional finishes we are only too happy to oblige.

Glöbel Brothers
143 West Regent Street, Glasgow.
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Ciaran’s mobile number is: 07890 533950