Reaching the end of your tenure can happen for many reasons; for one client it was the lack of bandwidth for another it could be geographical. Whatever the precursor the journey becomes all important. AGM will help in many ways providing advice and services as well as the physical strip-out and fit-out of you chosen office or unit. It has been a surprise to our clients that we come equipped with crates, anti-tamper labels and bubble wrap or can share our industry contacts to select or design new premises.

Zero downtime, minimal disruption and maintain business continuity.

These are the goals of the moving process. When moving IBM recently it was clear how important these issues were. Suddenly we received a request an emergency back-up generator. Not the item you have usually forgotten as you dash back from the car to the house. AGM were able to solve the problem twice by installing a temporary one before permanently siting one onsite. Plan ahead and then have a plan B.

Increase sales, Improve efficiency and benefit employees.

The end result, or the aim of the moving process. Aside from relocating our clients we recently relocated ourselves to Glasgow. In doing so we have improved our working environment moved closer to our client base gained greater more centralised access to motorways and are closer to many of our regular supply chain partners. We have greater capacity to manufacture offsite reducing noise dust and time onsite and increase efficiency. We have a stronger recruitment based and deeper pool of subcontractors to draw from. The advantages of the move have been double that of our goals in relocating. Let AGM help relocate your operation contact us here to discuss your big move.