Project Description

Following the sale of IBM’s X86 Server business to Lenovo, IBM, along with its’ consultants, created a shortlist of contractors who could deliver the complicated move and AGM were selected. The project involved the movement of staff and belongings between two sites as well as the construction a new lab facility for the servers. The Lab is acoustically rated, air-conditioned and ventilated from slab to slab to ensure optimal conditions for the servers. There was a complex series of subcontractors and technologies to programme and manage to land the project on time.


Some two years later IBM were again on the move and called upon AGM. This time it was a similar order of programming and subcontractor management as well as moving some 200 staff out of the now historic Valley Park site to the new Riverside location. Though we may no longer refer the location of this global giant and others in Scotland as Silicon Glenn it is still warming to have the Big Blue around. They are now installed in their modern offices replete raised access flooring suspended ceilings pir lighting heating air conditioning and ventilation.