Project Description

Project Overview:
Sportscotland, situated at the National Sports Training Centre in Largs, identified a need to convert an existing industrial unit into functional office and storage space. This was triggered by the organization’s business plan to expand services and the realization that the current building had the potential for much more. AGM Group was brought on board to design and execute a comprehensive transformation of the space, ensuring the unit was fit for purpose.

The initial challenge stemmed from the unit not being fit for purpose, necessitating extensive modifications to meet Sportscotland’s expanding needs. The client aimed to optimize the existing space, which had the potential to offer much more than it was providing. Additionally, the works had to be carried out while the unit remained operational, requiring meticulous planning and communication between all parties.

AGM Group embarked on a project that included the design and installation of a new mezzanine floor, the integration of an external fire exit staircase complete with new structural foundations, and the formation of fire-rated and thermally insulated partitions. These modifications allowed the segregation of the area into offices, clean rooms, and stores, complete with fire doors, Manrose ventilation, heating, Honeywell DDA alarms, ADT intruder and fire alarms, Lumineux lighting, and small power. By segregating the project area from the ongoing operations within the building and maintaining effective communication, AGM ensured the uninterrupted functionality of the unit.

Why AGM Group?
AGM Group was selected through a competitive tender process, where considerations were not only based on cost but also on the quality of service and the ability to deliver a tailored solution. Sportscotland’s decision to choose AGM Group highlighted their confidence in the company’s capability to meet the unique requirements of the project.

The completed project was met with approval from Sportscotland, who were very pleased with the end product. The successful transformation of the space not only fulfilled the immediate needs of the client but also paved the way for future projects, underlining the trust and satisfaction Sportscotland had in the services provided by AGM Group.

Client Testimonial:
Sportscotland expressed their satisfaction with the transformed space, acknowledging the quality and functionality of the end product. The success of this project fostered a continued partnership, with AGM Group undertaking subsequent projects for the client.