Project Description

Project Overview:
Trust Deed Scotland, amidst a phase of business expansion, identified a necessity for additional office space and approached AGM Group to convert an empty floor in a modern building located in Glasgow City Centre into a state-of-the-art office. The project entailed the incorporation of slick IT requirements, performance metrics, modern finishes, and the creation of a relaxed area for staff breaks, contributing to an enjoyable office environment.

Trust Deed Scotland was experiencing the constraints of limited space due to their expanding operations. The client envisaged an office that not only met the functional needs of a modern enterprise but also offered an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment for its staff. The challenge was to balance the technological and infrastructural demands with a design that enhanced the workplace experience.

AGM Group, under the leadership of Andrew Meek, collaborated closely with the client to develop a design that perfectly blended functional requirements with modern aesthetics. The team at AGM was responsible for selecting suitable finishes and executing the installation of ceilings, partitions, feature walls, lighting, kitchen areas, bespoke breakout area furniture, IT infrastructure, and electrical systems.

Why AGM Group?
AGM Group was chosen by Trust Deed Scotland based on competitive pricing and innovative design suggestions that aligned with the client’s vision for a modern, high-calibre workplace. The client’s confidence in AGM’s ability to deliver a tailored solution played a pivotal role in this collaboration.

The completed project was a testament to AGM’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Trust Deed Scotland was delighted with the transformation, which not only facilitated their operational demands but also significantly boosted staff morale, thanks to the high-calibre environment. The blend of modern finishes and functional design resulted in a space that balanced work efficiency with employee well-being.

Client Testimonial:
The representatives from Trust Deed Scotland expressed their delight with the new office space, emphasising the positive impact it had on staff morale and the overall working experience. The modern design, coupled with the attention to detail in facilitating the enterprise’s demands, left the client highly satisfied with their investment in AGM Group’s services.