AGM Building Services successfully secured a large hot water replacement project to student accommodation flats in the city of Aberdeen.

The project consisted of Hot water generation equipment being removed, replaced and upgraded to 88 No Flats with approx. 6 bedrooms per flat. Each block of flats was over 4 floors.

The project posed several difficult points that had to be resolved during the course of our engineers work. These included

  • On site meetings with the maintenance team on a daily schedule.
  • Informing each Block of flats and their students to when we would be moving into their accommodation and the duration of our time to complete the works.
  • Warning notices to a block tenants informing them of our working times and disturbance notices.
  • Hot water issue in advance to when the supply would be interrupted.
  • Delivering all replacement works to be started at 09:00 and hot water returned by 18:00 that evening.

Project Duration: 6 weeks from December 17 to Jan 18. Completed on time and budget.

During the course of our works additional works where requested to be undertaken by the AGM Building Services Team. These where to install and pipe up circulating hot water pumps. These works were also carried on time and to the client’s satisfaction.

The project has now been completed successfully and handed over back to the accommodation manager and client.