Rearo is a brand of quality on laminated products. Laminated products as are found in kitchens, bathroom and furniture throughout our homes, offices, public buildings, leisure and recreational facilities. It is hard to think of building without them now. They offer durability and hygienic properties to surfaces that Rearo can manufacture to almost any specification. AGM use these products a lot and rely on that quality and ability to scale the specification to meet different budgets.

AGM also require a certain level of service from our suppliers. Rearo both meets and exceeds those expectations. At tender stage we require quotations on specifications to be precise and prompt. They understand the architect’s drawings and schedule of works and can provide quotation from these. Our clients are often multinational brands as are the project managers, surveyors, architects and consultants that attend on them. They know what they can get from the industry and they expect it, and they expect it on time.

AGM has put Rearo products into Schools, Offices, Shops and Townhalls across the UK. We have a happy portfolio of clients that we fully intend to keep. We would like to say big thank you to all our suppliers and to the clients who have engaged and continue to use AGM. To find out more about these please visit or to see how supplier has turned client visit