“… We have built up a good relationship with AGM over a short time and I’m sure this will continue in the future.”

Retail Director, Graham Tiso Ltd

What started as a telephone inquiry about damage to the Tiso Edinburgh Outdoor Experience has become good and growing relationship. In the Beginning of 2016 this store was fire damaged. It was a shame to see, however AGM made good the damage and the store was returned to trading as quickly as possible. Edinburgh was the first of the Tiso Outdoor Experience stores followed by Glasgow OE the largest shop of its kind in Europe and more recently the Perth OE. AGM continue to support Tiso and can safely attest Tiso has been a great company to work with. AGM hope the Tiso experience continues from strength to strength and look forward to future works. As the Tiso Retail Director points out in a short space of time AGM had built the relationship and the trust which creates the AGM experience.

For more information about the Tiso story go to http://www.tiso.com/history

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