Like we do with many of our friends we use WhatsApp to commune quickly over a single issue or share related issues in one forum. This works extremely well on site. An operative can share a picture, video, document or comment with all affected parties including foremen and managers. The information is shared and decisions can be disseminated throughout the site instantly. It is further possible to see who has and has not seen or received the update.

Is it safe?

How do you then control mobile phone use? Health and Safety may appear broad terms but on a building site these words have specific relevance’s to our activities. It is not often possible to introduce mobile phones into our safe systems of work. Each site is assessed separately and within that assessment limitations have to be put on the use of mobile phones.

What are the financial implications risks? If the service is withdrawn perhaps for commercial users which WhatsApp does not currently differentiate, what then. My feeling is this technology has grown so quickly that the next will grow to fill its place.

What are the Business Continuity Data Security and Volatility issues? The WhatsApp service provides a back up which helps to get around the problem of lost or damaged phones. In the cloud we can retrieve data and WhatsApp’s own end-to-end encryption in collaboration with Open Whisper Systems seem to promise data security.

Is it good?

It is available easy to use and widely understood We do need to think about how we are using it but in short in the meantime it is serving us wee and AGM will continue to use all available to technologies to improve service in increase efficiency across it operations.